Working it!

OK. I made a big mistake by referring to my possible route to freedom and my own roof over my head as a stinking little hole.

I realised the potential and immediately started to work on it.

From both a selfish perspective of trying to guarantee a decent roof over my head, and from dad’s and mum’s side of things looking to work out how to get them the best outcome should they decide to go ahead on the place.

I have looked at it’s rentable value – about £550 a month. That’s not much and wouldn’t make sense if you were borrowing the money, but in the other hand it’s a much better return than dad will be getting with the money just sitting in the bank as it is now. So it certainly makes sense for him if he can rent it, but maybe it doesn’t make so much sense just to get me out of the house.

However if I was there for eight months to a year rent free, and then he rented it, but with me doing a few jobs during that time it would be brilliant. He’d only need pay for materials and save a hundred and fifty quid or more  day on labour.

Trouble is I know he won’t tell me if he puts in an offer, not until it gets accepted, and that means that I’ll have to be super decent nice son for bloody ages! I think I should be able to pull that off when the potential reward is so significant. I’m even beginning to like the look of the house…it does still stink though.

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