Will I see her later?

I haven’t seen Sandy all week.

How the hell are you supposed to just bump into people?

I don’t want to Facebook her as it seems a bit nerdish and the last thing I want is for her to think that I’m an idiot before I start.

Instead of being nervous about what I’m going to say, and how I’ll hold off from having too many drinks, I’m now nervous about whether or not I’m going to see her at all.

She’s usually in the Fighting Cocks at the weekends with her friend Sarah and so I’ll make sure that the lads go there too. I don’t know whether to tell them that I want to see her or not.

On the one hand they will take the piss something rotten, but on the other that very fact might stop me from chickening out of talking to Sandy.

My parents had it so easy – they were girlfriend and boyfriend from the very start of what was then their grammar school. Dad claims that he’s inexperienced as a consequence, but they seem to be really happy together still, and they haven’t wasted all their money on divorce either.

It’s all down to tonight (well, then tomorrow night if I don’t see her this time).

Please tell me what to do someone? I have my spray ready. It doesn’t smell bad either – I’d love to know if it’ll help, but it won’t help me stop being a dork!


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