Valentines Smalentines!

It’s not that i have a downer on Valentines Day.

It’s just that I have a downer on not having a Valentine.

Well, I don’t even care about Valentines, I care about, well, you know, having a girlfriend.

As I’m getting a bit more money put away now I think that I should be able to act a bit more normally and have a girlfriend and the like, although as my mates keep telling me, it’s not the lack of money that matters -it’s the fact that I’m so darned pig ugly!

Hopefully that’s not actually the case, but I have to put up with some stick from all the loved up lads from school. One of them, let’s call him Barry, is still with the girl he lived next door to when he was five. I laugh at him for that, but actually it’s kind of sweet I guess.

Mum was asking me about girls the other day, and I hate talking about stuff like that with her, but she is really good at getting the facts out of me. She kept on saying that getting legless in night clubs was never going to help – I guess she still gets grief from dad from the couple of times that I came home smashed, but it hasn’t append in ages. I have the sense to not come home now when I’m a bit messed up. And after all I never do drugs or anything stupid like that, she shouldn’t worry so much about that.

So anyway, here we are on a Friday night, a couple of good jobs done this week, but all the boys are out being pathetic with their bloody girlfriends, even mum and dad have gone out to dinner. So I’m having a romantic bottle of wine – on my own.

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