Travelling light

Travelling should be fun, something to look forward to and relish in the act. There’s an old adage that I can’t remember about the journey being as important as getting there.

But the trouble is that reality just doesn’t deliver.

The travel experience has been getting worse since falling prices democratised travel in the eighties.

Suddenly it wasn’t just the well off driving places, flying places, catching the train, suddenly everyone wanted a bit of the action, even if they were just off to Benidorm.

The roads became more clogged. Trains crammed more people into the same space, took away the dining car with freshly cooked great food, and replaced it with microwaved everything, burger? – in the microwave, bacon sandwich? – in the microwave. The coffee has in general got better, but that’s about the only thing that has.

And while flying is probably cheaper in real money now than it has ever been, it was once an experience to be looked forward to, now, unless you can afford to fly with Emirates or one of the other upmarket airlines, then you are just another member of the human cattle.

So it’s a relief that there’s something that takes some of the pain from travelling, even if you are taking the cheapest option. is an app controlled service that sorts out one of the worse bits of travel for me – getting my bag to my destination, without me having to touch it from the moment that it’s collected from my home, to the moment it is delivered to my destination.

For me this means that I have to carry on my jacket, my Wallpaper Magazine, and my iPad.

That’s travelling light! And even the shockers like Ryan Air are tolerable if you can pull that off – though you may need your Bose noise reduction headphones to block out a few of those accents around you!

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