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How to travel with class!

I haven’t travelled much.

A couple of trips to Spain with some mates.

A few holidays with mum and dad. Well, OK, a lot of holidays with mum and dad. We’ve been all over including all the obvious European places, but also some less obvious and more challenging places. Not like North Korea or anything that mad, but we have been to Viet Nam and Thailand, both places when I was really young too.

Although now I just stuff a ruck sack full of tee shirts, shorts and a pair of jeans, I can still understand why people like the idea of travelling unencumbered. When you see the old Victorians’ travelling trunks you know straight away that they didn’t carry their own luggage, and so why shouldn’t you send your affairs ahead of you today?

Just think – you could catch a budget airline, take nothing but a brief case with your in flight reading and perhaps an iPad, thereby avoiding getting ripped off for silly prices for hold storage, and even hire a sports car at the other end instead of a family saloon – if you could send your luggage ahead of you.

Cue! These guys have seen the future of travel, and for those in the know it is a good experience.

With you pop a few details into an app (and it gets easier each time you use it), your bags are collected ahead of your trip, you travel looking as if you haven’t a care in the world, and arrive at your destination having had none of the horrible bits of travel to worry about. Brilliant.

When there is a Mrs Lee Morse we will do just that. And it’s not even expensive, especially when you consider what some of the money grabbing tykes charge you for checking in a bag these days.

Check it out. Liberate your travel.

British Peasants on holiday!

The guy who had bought Jon’s Moggy pick-up was a top geezer, he was even into my idea of hitch hiking back and took me to the Durham services in the pick-up. We had MacD’s there and he was bantering on about all sorts. And he slipped me a twenty.

He was so happy with the car, especially as the colour was just like a saloon he had already.

He was saying that he made his money in a holiday rental business that he built up over many years, and then sold to Hoeseasons. By then he was looking after nearly two hundred properties all over the north east, but he said was was knackered and didn’t have the energy to keep it going into his sixties. He showed me this horrible article from an online mag called Your Hols. He said that while he had some bad stuff happen he’d fortunately never encountered anything this bed, and even when there was damage the insurance had always paid up.

Suddenly I understood why mum and dad have never been keen on renting their place out to anyone other than best mates – and even they don’t pay.

I was home in two rides – that was brilliant. A lift down to Wetherby services almost straight away, and then I was there for about an hour, but even then it wasn’t too cold so I wasn’t bothered.

Of course I didn’t admit to hitching home.

Great night in the Beagle after!

Days Inn

Days Inn is far from luxury.

But it does a job and does it good enough for people to keep going back to them.

I’m sitting in one right now – an executive room no less! But I wouldn’t be here if I was an executive, it’s pretty blinking basic.

Tomorrow morning I have to be in Penzance at 10.00am to deliver the lovely old yellow Merc Coupe that I brought back up to Manchester last month. The fellow who has bought it has a little company of Cornish luxury self catering properties almost down at Lands End, and he fancies having the car subtly branded to attract a bit more attention for the business.

The car is parked right outside of my window, and even though it’s not a fast car, I have so completely fallen in love with it. It has a 2.8 litre straight six and a lazy automatic box that makes a beautiful smooth combination. Slow electric windows all round. Electric sunroof. A great modern bluetooth sound system, but old covers on the speakers and a cassette deck in the dash. Th modern kit hides behind it all. Nice touch!

Being yellow it attracts some attention and I’d love to pretend it’s mine.

After I have dropped it off it’s up to me how I get home. I’m paid whatever the standard train fare is, and then if I choose to risk hitch hiking then I get to pocket the cash. And my Days Inn room is paid for as well.

I’m going to leave at 6.30, dash down to Cullompton Services which is just outside Exeter and there’s a MacDonald’s there where I’ll have breakfast, then cruise the last 120 miles down to meet the man.

I’ll be sad to let this one go.



Last Saturday I wrote about how expensive it is to live in Japan and how many of the folks there live in really small, but super tidy houses.

After I’d posted the photo I carried on looking at the Dezeen site and got completely carried away.

Blimey, I think I will have to earn a heck of a lot of money soon if I am to achieve some of the things I lust after. I am so excited by the idea of a super minimal house, like those that the Japanese live in, or some guy called John Pawson designs. He’s English but lived in Japan for years, and it shows in his architecture. I went off on a lovely tangent reading about him and I even ordered a book about his work. 96That was crazy – the book cost as much as I usually have to spend in a week, but I’m looking forward to it arriving.

I do wonder whether he actually lives in a super calm monastic space himself, or whether that’s just an antidote to the chaos of home. Could you imagine his reaction to the kids drawing on the walls?

I wonder if I could work on getting a job doing anything that would involve going to Japan. If it is as expensive as it seems then there is no way that I could go under my own steam, but if someone would pay me that could be ideal.

Perhaps – hey now this is exciting, perhaps I could go and source some wild import car for a buyer over here. I need a word with the ex-boss, perhaps we could hatch a plot.

Living abroad

It’s funny that while I have no money myself, i seem to live in a world where money flows freely.

Mum and Dad certainly seem to have plenty and they look after me well, as he is keen to remind me all the time. I have never signed on, in fact I don’t think that I’d be allowed to while i”m under their roof. And how funny is that? That pride would stop him getting back from the tax man who he seems to resent so.

Some of the people dad used to work with have set themselves up abroad, to live in the sun, and to avoid the tax man getting his paws on their pile. I was reading this article on ExPats radio this morning that says that Japan is the most expensive place to live in the world. That’s probably why they live in such tiny houses most of the time. While they are tiny, many of them are very cool though.


Look at this cool place. For the price of this you could build a palace here, but in Japan they seem to prefer to be in the best location that can, and then make the most of their space by having very few possessions.

I love looking at architecture and design sites but when you look at Japanese places it’s as though they haven’t moved in yet a lot of the time, there’s so little stuff.

I find the idea of living like that attractive, but then I look around me and wonder if I could bare to get rid of anything. I supposed that provided I have my music I’m not too bothered about the rest.

After Japan the next most expensive place is Switzerland. I reckon that Japan would be more fun though. Switzerland looks too clean and ordered, while Japan looks a bit mad.

Norway comes next. That’d be interesting. After all, the women are gorgeous, but I guess they’d not be interested in a low rent ex-mechanic who delivers what are probably dodgy cars every now and then for an ex-boss.

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