Tour de France in Ripon

Yesterday was a day of waiting, long, long waiting, but then with a sudden brilliant burst of excitement, and enough group adrenalin to carry everyone through the rest of the day.

We had a good night over in Boroughbridge, dad’s mate has a great manager at the hotel called Emma who looked after us really well while we told stories and drank too much nondescript Euro lager.



We even brought a curry in as that was what dad most wanted to eat. The deal was that it had to be taken around the back to the kitchen, and then served as if it had been cooked there. I thought that that was a dodgy strategy as it smelled delicious, and anyone else who wanted one on the strength of seeing ours would have been disappointed, but no one seemed to care, perhaps that’s just the laid back way of life in Yorkshire.

Then yesterday morning it was sunny and warm, already everyone was happy.

We parked just opposite the race course where we had had our meeting yesterday and walked into Ripon. Good move on Dad’s part as everything was closed off after there. In the main square it was busy even at 10.00 in the morning and people were sitting around watching a Red Bull film on the huge screen they had rigged up there, waiting for the big event to start.

Somehow or other we managed to miss the actual start, which was just plain stupid and driven by the thought that it would be a good opportunity to get a quick beer in the Royal Oak, but the we saw loads of action after that.

The atmosphere was great in Ripon, and loads of people had cycled there to watch it and that made it seem a bigger event.

When the rider came past it was over in a flash, but it was so exciting to see nearly two hundred of them whoosh by at 40 miles an hour or so.

The memory will be with me for a long time, I didn’t take any pictures though. Sorry about that.

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