Tour de France – oh yeah!

It feels funny that around me all my mates seem to be gearing up for the World Cup, but I haven’t paid it much attention expect to see the insane booze offers in the supermarkets – The Co-op, which is rarely cheap, but at least it’s convenient and feels nice, is doing 10 can boxes of Fosters, Carling and Carlsberg for £7.50 and Tesco is giving it away even cheaper.

It’s not the football, or even the tennis that I’m excited about though, it’s the tour.

I have watched it every year that I can remember, and I’m excited about it coming to Britain, even though I will watch most of the action on TV.


Dad was obsessed with Eddy Merckx, this guy in the picture. He was a Belgium or whatever you call someone from Belgium who won the race 5 times back in the seventies. I still have this particular picture as a poster on my wall in the den, it’s somehow a lot more cool than the modern guys with their super efficient and light bikes.

I liked Bradley Wiggins because he’s a bit of a dude off the bike, and I don’t have any love for Chris Frome as he’s the opposite. Even if he is probably a better ridder than Wiggo and probably carried him to his 2012 victory, he is just a bit boring really.

Another of dad’s heroes who I grew to like died today – Rick from the young ones, Rik Myall. I loved the programme even if it was made thirty years ago. Ha! I thought I was wildly exaggerating there, but it actually was made in 82- 84. That’s before mum and dad even met.


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