How tiring can doing nothing be?

Blimey, I’m knackered.

I haven’t done much in days, I’ve been writing for a friend, helping them pull together a website and putting their words into something that makes their little business make a little more sense.

I did a bit of driving for dad. He had a client who needed to be picked up from London and brought up north for the afternoon, to have a meeting, be wined and dined, and then driven back. That was great as I got to take dad’s FD’s Range Rover Vogue. I have never even sat in such a brilliant car before, and there I was getting to drive it hundreds of miles, with the fuel paid for, and get paid myself.

FD's Range Rover

While they were in the restaurant I had a sleep stretched out on the back seat. Good job it wasn’t cold, so I could leave the windows open a bit, I didn’t want it smelly in there from my parping, or even breathing.

And dad gave my a hundred quid for my efforts, and another twenty to get lunch (I don’t know how much he thinks McDonald’s costs theses days!).

The fellow was some sort of marketing guru who is going to do some work for their business and I enjoyed his company. He was telling me to watch out for some ad that’s coming on soon for Volvo Trucks with Jeanne Claude Van Damme, apparently JC will do some crazy splits stunt while standing on two trucks. I’ll be watching out for that, I like Van Damme, he’s so over the top I think he’s cool.

But OK, so I did a big drive, but that doesn’t explain why I’m wiped out several days later.

I reckon a couple hours of Rugby League will be about as active as I’m going to get today. Perhaps I’ll stretch to a bit of hard core cricket too. And save my pennies by not going out.

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