This is me, Lee

I’m Lee …. but my mates call me Inspector … it’s stuck with me now for years and lots of people now have never even heard of Inspector Morse! I’m not an Inspector though, I’m actually not much at the moment as I’ve been out of work now for about 12 months and apart from looking for a job, I have plenty of time on my hands. My best friend suggested that I do some writing as he says I’m one for telling a story, and if I can get a good online presence then I could maybe get a writers job. I worked in a garage fixing cars from the time I left school at 16, but after 5 years they shut down last year as it was just losing money and couldn’t sustain the business.

So I’m 22 now, unemployed, a trained mechanic (but there isn’t huge demand for my skills now as all cars are pretty computerised and come with huge warranties), and people say I can tell a good story. I currently live back at home with my parents but soon I hope to get back on my feet, change career path, get my own place and enjoy life to the max.