Thinking about the coop

I ranted a bit about that Paul Flowers fellow, the coop chairman who has departed in shame after the near collapse of the bank, and then things went from bad in desperate as his seedy life gradually became uncovered. The drug fuelled gay orgies, the coke, ketamine and worse, crystal meth – that stuff is scary.

Various friends work there. You can’t live in Manchester and not know a lot of coop people, and in fact I had an interview there ages ago. It was a call centre job and I know now what an arse I can be. I was offered the job, but thought that call centre work was for losers. I decided to stick with mechanics, and see where that got me!

At the time they talked about the bank’s ethics and I thought that was kinda cool, I was deeply into the idea of doing the right thing and being green.

I wonder now whether that was driven out of me when I lost my job. There’s no doubt that taking a green option costs you more if you want that green option with no extra inconvenience.

Still the peeps I know there still take the ethical side of the business seriously, and let’s hope that they are the real decision makers on a day to day basis. Now its future lies with venture capitalists, what a shame.

I’m writing this on a train to London to collect a car for one of the guys I used to work for. It’s a good gig that’ll I’ll try to write about tomorrow, but right now I wanted to mention the music I’m listening too.

I borrowed Mum’s iPad and she usually has interesting stuff you’ve never heard of. I’m listening to some strange opera type stuff that would usually horrify me – but this is beautiful. It’s someone called Joan Sutherland and the piece seems to be called Lakmé. There’s loads of it that is boring. But now and then there’s a song that just stops me in my tracks.

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