Thinking more about the best holiday homes

What about this amazing place?



This belongs to friends of the folks and I worked there for a bit when they were renovating it. Now you can find it on where it’s available as a holiday home.

OK, so it doesn’t look much from this photo as we were driving away from it when I took this,  but it’s a huge and luxurious beauty.

It sleeps 17 people, has a beautiful salt water pool (salt water is so much better than chlorinated water) and the views from the pool, and in fact from pretty much anywhere in the house, are utterly stunning. You look out over the Rhone valley, over Montelimar, to the Alps in the far distance.

There’s an apartment for four people that’s self contained, yet within the house, then the main house has a huge kitchen and a huge lounge. I’d like to stay there in winter time to light all the fires as the snow falls all around. But I’m not complaining if I have to go again in the summer, swimming in the Ardeche river, canoeing, generally loving life.

This has so much value that even at €7,500 a week, which is what it costs in the summer, I’d still say that it’s great value, and divided between 17 people then it’s not too much a head.

God I talk like I could afford a night away anywhere without being able to claim the cost back from someone I have been working for – I couldn’t, but one day….

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