Stinky Hole Sold



The house that the folks were trying to buy to get me out of their home has sold.

I didn’t know that they’d actually put an offer in but I have been hoping against hope that they would.

But dad came in this evening and said that someone’s offer has been accepted. Bugga.

I have to hope that now he has his mind on finding something he’ll start to look for another. Just a tiny flat, studio even would be amazing. Especially if like the other place it needs some work doing, that way I could earn a bit, save the folks a bit, keep out of mischief, and create the pad that I want to live in.

He just dropped it into conversation as if it was of no consequence at all, but I could see mum knew how much it disappointed me.

Well, it’s not as if I can do much about it now. I can’t even think about moving into a rented place unless I get a job. I must pull my finger out, and after all, something crap will do, just a McDonald’s perhaps – I wonder if you get to take home everything that hasn’t sold at the end of the day? Dad keeps banging on at me about a call centre job so that at least there’s the hope that if I’m any good I could work at getting a supervisory role quite quickly.

Is that cool? Working in a call centre?

Well I guess that just about anything is more cool than having no job and no money and so having to always turn down stuff.

Maybe, just maybe I ought to do something about it.

But the house sold? That’s a gutter.

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