Soaked – no fun on a bike tonight

This afternoon I did a job for Jon for the first time in a while. It was easy enough, I just had to take a Landrover over to some place called Tadcaster over near York and then get home somehow.

I didn’t realise that Tadcaster is where they brew John Smiths, not that it’s relevant as I don’t even like the stuff, but it’s nice to clock another brewery now and then. It was the smell of the brewery that hit me first, and then I saw it.

Anyhow, the fellow I was delivering to was a decent sort, he offered to drop me at the station, but I’d brought my bike and I was quite looking forward to a ride. First off I rode down to the Little Chef to spend my well earned tip on a cracking meal of ham, egg, chips and peas, cup of tea on the side. Loads of people say that Little Chef is crap, but I like it.

imageThis time around is was better than usual even as teh chips were super crispy and the eggs good and runny, but with perfect firm whites (runny egg white turns my stomach).

The only problem came when it was time to get into town for the train, the heavens opened just as I left the Chef, but there was no going back, I was soaked straight away.

I’m no whimp and I don’t care that much about riding in the rain, but it was horrible sitting on the train back to Manchester for an age in dripping wet clothes. And being a twenty something youth no one was going to feel sorry for me, they just didn’t want me sitting next to them.

I somehow suspect that I’ll live though!

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