Slidewardrobes? Ordered!

On Friday night we were debating the piles of unused wonderful essential purchase that Debbie so loving loads our house with, and that resulted in the introduction of slidewardrobes to our lives.

By Saturday morning she’d been on the website, ordered the ones she wanted, and put Thursday afternoon in my diary to take delivery.

Now the pressure is on! The Inspector is not a man of extreme DIY skills.

I can just about put a shelf up, so long as nothing heavier than a hat is placed upon it.

I exaggerate, but you get the feeling. I don’t love DIY, in fact I’d always rather pay someone who is very good to come and do the job properly, than sweat over it myself. It’s annoying as i completely understand the principle of how things work, why some surfaces are good to screw into and some aren’t and all that stuff, yet, no matter how much effort I put into a job, I know the results of my labour will be so distinctly mediocre that it would have been better that I didn’t start.


This is the sort of thing that we’re getting. The ones Debbie ordered should be the exact height of the floor to ceiling space, less a few millimetres for the running gear.

It surprises me that they are always pictured in bedrooms. I think they should help their customers to broaden their imaginations and consider the uses elsewhere in the home, after all, there’s only ever a couple of bedrooms yo can put a wardrobe into, but there is bound to be a few other rooms where they could go if only you called them sliding door storage instead.

Probably a good job I don’t work there then – I’d be changing everything.

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