Shopping. Again.

The Inspector is not that interested in clothes.

I like to spend a decent amount of money on a few items that I think will last (yep, I know I sound like a grand parent talking, but i don’t care!). The last time I did that was when I landed my last decent job, the one that I did for less than a year before I fell out with the boss so badly that I had little choice but to hand in my notice. I bought Edwin jeans at a hell of a price, but felt like a king dude wearing them. I bought a few good shirts. And I replaced the old shoes that i’d completely worn out and that I just dumped in the bin outside the shop (Oi Polloi! on Thomas Street).

Trouble is that was nearly three years ago.

The arse is falling out of the jeans, which is the biggest shame as I love their shape, even though they are far from comfortable to wear all day, especially if I’m driving far. The shirts are OK as I bought them having spent months on a building site and living on tinned fish and fruit. The up side of that was that I was as thin as I have been since my teens. The downside was that I immediately started putting on weight and in no time couldn’t comfortably wear the shirts.

The shoes were a bad buy. They are super comfortable, but they look like they are too and Debbie calls them my disabled children’s shoes.

So now I have booked my afternoon off and I’m going in to town to buy shoes that I think are cool, and that may just be comfortable, and a great pair of jeans. Budget. £200. Should be enough!

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