The Shame

Oh shit!

I have undone all the good work from the last few months, building bridges with dad.

I hardly bare to admit this, but I got stupidly smashed on Friday night. I had a bottle of wine, then thought it would be such a great idea to start necking the old man’s whiskey.

When they came in I had already thrown up, and passed out, all in his favourite TV chair.





He flew off the handle and cuffed me around the head.

Mum burst into tears and started shouting at both of us.

What a complete load of bollocks.

I was hung over all day, and now I desperately want to apologise to him, but I daren’t go back yet.

I slept at Darren’s last night, and I texted mum just now so that she won’t be worried, trouble is it was nearly ten o’clock, so she will have been worried all day long.

Oh shit shit shit.

How do I get out of this one?

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more grief to come.


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