Robot Cars

Car_I know what some people are going to think: I’ve turned to science fiction.  However, as the old saying goes, the truth can be stranger than fiction, and I have been reading that robot cars are fast becoming a reality.

Internet giant Google has come up with the Google car, a fully autonomous vehicle that has been approved for use on roads in two states in the U.S., California and Nevada.  Not to be outdone, the U.K. is getting in on the act also, with researchers based in Oxford University fitting out a Nissan LEAF electric car with cameras and lasers and a computer in the boot.  It puts the tinkering my friends and I have done with our cars into some kind of context.  The researchers in Oxford drive the car manually around a particular route first in order to create a sensor map before then letting the vehicle take the same route without a driver.  The power of computer technology is something that constantly inspires me and this development is no different.

I like the idea of a robot car being fitted out for those with are physically disabled or who cannot drive because of sight problems.  The freedom of being able to get out and about in the car is something that I, for one, take for granted, so to imagine that others would be given that option is great.  Having said all that, I am not about to give up the pleasures of driving myself around any time soon, robot cars or not.

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