On being unemployed

UnemployedBeing unemployed is not easy and I’m speaking from experience.  It can be hard to keep the spirits up and it can be hard to even get out of bed in the mornings and motivate yourself into getting stuff done.  Having the support of family and friends has been brilliant, but there are times when I’ve felt down about my prospects.  The key thing is to keep doing stuff and by that, I mean more than just looking for a job, which, obviously, is the most important thing.

To help, I have taken up a fitness regime.  I go for a jog at lunchtime every day and I play five-a-side football and tennis.  I’ve started to lose weight and there is a real sense of achievement in that.  Achieving something like getting fit and losing weight is important because it gives me the sense of having reached a goal.  It is so easy to become down on yourself when you’re out of work, so something that inspires self-confidence is crucial.

In terms of looking for a job, I have found that I have to be methodical about my job search.  I have to set aside some time every day to scan web sites and so on, and to send out job applications.  I read somewhere that looking for a job is like having a job in itself, and that the jobseeker really has to apply themselves in terms of the time it takes to search out employment or training opportunities, and to apply for them.

I have applied for numerous jobs at this stage and there are multiple copies of my CV out there in the world.  I haven’t heard back from most of the organisations I’ve applied to, which is very frustrating, and it would be very easy to just give up.  But I am determined to end this period of unemployment, so keeping my head up and thinking about a better future is vital.  I know it’s not easy but my advice to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to my own is not to ever lose hope.


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