Old Jeans New Jeans

Now here’s a debate for you.

Should you buy new jeans when your old favourites have finally become more hole than jean, or should you buy an aged product, or should you buy genuinely old jeans that someone else has discarded?

I’m in this difficult state right now as my Edwins that I have been wearing pretty much all the time over the last 18 months or so have properly fallen to bits. For ages the turn ups have been held up by more imagination than thread.

I have had to gingerly slip my foot down the leg being careful not to catch the gaping hole at the bottom, but this morning that all went a bit wrong as I toppled, caught the turn up, and ripped its last remaining threads so that it hung by just a seam.

Now I like a distressed jean, but that’s too much – turned up on one side, but nothing on the other.

The mere fact that the arse has been hanging out of them for months hasn’t really bothered me, it has inspired me to buy better looking boxer shorts and to wear the visible bits with pride.

I can’t bring myself to step out in a brand new pair of jeans. I don’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s rejects as their fade lines will be different to mine, and yet I also can’t bring myself to buy something that has been pre-aged. Ageing is a personal thing. It shouldn’t be done by a machine.

I have amazed myself with this – I’d have never thought that I was so vain!


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