Old Fashioned


My folks don’t drink much.

But blimey they know how to get down to business when they do have a snifter or two.

Last night I got in from town at seven, and they were just mixing a cocktail, as mother put it.

Well, I don’t mind if I do then I said.

And so mum made me her blend of an Old Fashioned.

Two later and we were all plastered, laughing, telling silly stories, and it wasn’t too bad. OK. I admit. I have a top night with them.

Mum made some great food – kinda like a Lebanese meze. Hummus, fried haloumi, funny beans in a garlic and tahini sauce, and then grilled lamb kebabs. Gorgeous food, and a bottle of great Lebanese wine – Chateau Mussar I think it’s called, Dad bangs on about it loads.

Best night in with the folks in ages.

Dad seems keen on using me more to do stuff with his business too so it seems like I’m a bit closer to having a job. There’s no news on them looking at another house to push me out to though.

I can’t complain, getting looked after at home, and with the potential of an income is more important for the time being.


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