Odd Job Man in avoidance of real job scandal!

Oh yes, that’s me.

We did a fantastic job at Jon’s house with the wardrobes, and fortunately it was Sandra, his wife, who was at home when we finished. Not only did we crack a few beers with her, she also slipped us £20 for the pub. Jon will pay us, and he’s always fair, but there’s never a nice little tip.

Chatting with Sandra, she asked if I’d be interested in a full time job at The Co-operative as she’d heard they were look for drivers. It was driving the small trucks, don’t know what they’re called, but you don’t need a HGV license to drive them. That side was tempting, but as I said last week I am settling into my random life of a bit of work here, a bit of work there.


Still, while I didn’t go for it as a full time job, having told her my thinking I have completed an application and suggested that I’d be a good person to call on when they’re short staffed. Sandra thought that would actually be more attractive to the business than taking on people full time.

If I can pull that off I’ll be delighted as I’ll get experience of driving bigger stuff and then maybe put myself up for agency work, you know, where you are self employed, but get called up at short notice quite often to do a job.

I’m even getting to be better with money and I stash as much as I can from each job. What I have never done is kept accounts, so I’ve started a spread sheet of everything I earn and everything I spend that could reasonable be considered to be connected to getting work. Strewth, I’m beginning to feel awfully grown up.

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