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Band of Skulls

I don’t know much about Band of Skulls except the single Sweet Sour, but I keep asking Shaun what he’s playing and he keeps saying it’s them. So when he asked if I fancied seeing them I kept at the chance.

I hope she’s half as sexy as I have built her up to be! I think she’s called Emma.


He’s been playing downloads from their new album called Himalayan and it’s even better than Sweet Sour. So we’ll be on a boys road trip down to Nottingham, and staying in a City Inn – sharing a twin room, and it had better be a twin! It’ll be a good chance to see if Nottingham is the totty city people say it is.

How the hell do we get to Nottingham?

I’ll have to try to get a car from Jon, can’t ask Dad to borrow his as I’m still in disgrace.

Dad’s Musical Hero, Lou Reed, Dies.

It’s Velvet Underground all the way in the folk’s house tonight as it has been announced that Lou Reed died earlier today.

While mum’s rock hero is definitely the distinctly melancholy Nick Cave, dad idolises Lou Reed, or has done. I grew up on lyrics about heroin and white light and vicious, and he feels a part of my music too.

Dad took me to see him a few years back in the Symphony Hall in Birmingham. It was probably the most sober gig I have ever been to. You weren’t even allowed to go to the loo, and if you somehow avoided the door staff they wouldn’t let you back in until the interval – yes, there was an interval too.

It was a far cry from the madness dad describes of his New York gigs when he and mum were new together, but his gravitas was stunning and I loved it as a most different experience in rock.


Even when he was kicking off and creating a huge wall of sound, there was always something spare about it. Dad loved to quote him apparently saying that “One cord is fine, two is getting a bit crowded, but three? Three is getting into jazz”.

Apparently he married Laurie Anderson a few years back, she’s the odd bird who sang “Oh Superman”, again that’s one from the parents’ archive, an odd moment in sound that I quite like as well.

Well he certainly isn’t my era, by about 30 years, but he was a dude for sure. Mr Reed we salute you.