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It’s hard to know how much stuff you should say about yourself online as you read so much about identity theft and people coming to burgle your house when you announce on Twitter that you’re on holiday or check in to the local pub on Foursquare. People who know me will know lots of stuff about me already and know that I live up in “sunny” Scotland where the people are really friendly, well most of them, but it can get a bit depressing at times especially when it doesn’t stop raining for weeks. I did move to England for a couple of months recently and had a great time doing some exploring and staying with family but there’s nothing like getting back to the town where you have grown up.

I mentioned on my About page that I lost my job about a year ago now, and no matter what anyone says about there being plenty of jobs out there, they are wrong. I have been looking and friends and family have been keeping their nose to the ground as it were to see if they can help out. The main problem is that I did OK at school and got my qualifications but then left as my Dad got me a job at a garage, initially being an apprentice working on cars. I’d always loved tinkering on cars as I was growing up so this was it, my kind of dream job. But it doesn’t stay a dream when you can see less and less customers coming through the door and the stress building on the bosses face each day. They eventually closed down and I was on the scrap heap. I need to retrain as something but who knows what, but I’m willing to give anything a try as I need to be able to get out of the house each day with a purpose for getting up. I sometimes have to force myself to get showered and dressed in the morning and go and do something, otherwise I can end up getting drawn into day time TV and getting a bit mindless. I find walking my dog helps me stay fit, meet a few people and get out of the house.

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