Men’s fashion

I have a certain interest in fashion, without going overboard, and I suppose in this day and age, we men have to keep up with the latest trends so that we don’t look completely out of place when we go out in public.  That is not to say that I would be seen wearing some of the rather odd items of clothing that pass for men’s fashion on the catwalks.  I have had quite a few laughs looking at photographs of what we men are meant to be wearing according to the more ‘extreme’ fashion designers.  From strapless dresses (for men) to floral prints (again for men), I’ve seen the craziest stuff.  Men in the UK have only just recovered from the time when David Beckham wore a sarong, and that was in the 1990s, so dresses and floral prints are definitely a step too far.

Trends for 2013 include something called ‘urban safari,’ which I presume means wearing something green or khaki and is not meant to stretch to full-blown hunting gear, and handily enough for the overwhelming majority of men, denim.

Thankfully, men’s fashion operates at a more sensible level and I, for one, am glad that the good old T-shirt and jeans remain very much a part of the average man’s wardrobe.  When I’m heading out for a night with some friends, it’s good to know that any decisions I have to make on what to wear are not going to be too troublesome.  I don’t envy the girls that I know one bit for having to have matching accessories and so on.  That is just too much hassle as far as I am concerned.

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