What makes a great holiday home?

Mum and dad love renting cottages around the country and spending a week living a different life. They love Cornwall, the Yorkshire Dales, Skye and the Highlands, but if one of their friends said about a great place they’d surely go and try it.

I was reading about what makes a good holiday home and how to make one better in this article and thinking about what would sell something to me.

I love hot tubs, but I’m not sure I like the idea of using one that someone else has been in the week before, and I’d imagine that they cost a fortune to run and clean.


The article talks about Sonos hi-fi systems so that you can listen to any music you fancy – that certainly seems a great idea.

But do you know what? A sea view would be top of my list.

It talks about decoration and I agree that a neutral palate makes sense.

Also the website that you advertise on makes a lot of difference. I asked mum about this and she said they use one called www.cornwallfarwest.co.uk. She said that it bucks the trend in that it looks horrible, but has the most amazing properties on it.

Service is important too. Even when I’m delivering cars for Jon I have to be dressed well and know the buyer’s name and be super polite, showing him around his new classic as if it were a brand new car. It’s right too. Service counts for so much.

The folks are talking about going to France next. I usually get invited but I’ve said no for a while, I reckon that I might just tag along for one more trip if they do go to France. I’ll need to come to some deal with dad over drinking though – there’s no way I’m going on holiday and not having some wine!

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