Local changes

Just lately I’ve been looking around my local area and noticing just how much it has changed, and I’m sure this is the same for many other people out there.  Some areas have changed for the better and some for the worse, but it is still a very different place to the one in which I grew up.  When I was a kid I used to be able to go out with friends and spend time in the park without my parents worrying too much about me.

Unfortunately, the rise in anti-social behaviour seems to have put paid to this, but I’m glad to see that some areas are tackling the problem.  The age-old excuses of having nowhere to go or not having anything else to do are just not acceptable; when people stop buying into them then things will definitely change for the better.  There may not be a youth club on every corner, but there is nothing stopping the kids from arranging their own kick-about in the park without spending the time intimidating others.

We never had any trouble making our own entertainment and I’m pleased to say that I do not remember ever hanging about just for the sake of it.  The problem comes about when parents start to believe that there is nothing else for their kids to do; the kids then believe their own publicity and start to think that their behaviour is justified.

Fortunately, there are also some good changes to counteract this negative trend.  Our local park now has a proper sports pavilion with changing and washing facilities for sports teams rather than the storage container that has been sitting there for the last 20 years (to my knowledge).  There are also steps being taken to regenerate some areas of the town which have been struggling.  The town centre looks a bit more respectable these days thanks to the lack of empty shops and the modern art that cost far too much money, but that is another story.

The main thing is that local authorities are realising that things have gone downhill for long enough and are doing something about it.  However, I do think that they should be doing more.  After all, their wages come from taxpayers’ money.  From now on I intend to let them know if I think changes are needed and I think that everyone else should do the same.

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