Lee Morse Security Doors.

Dad’s offices look just like someone’s house. It’s quite deliberate and it’s a good tactic as the whole place feels homely, people work at quite old fashioned desks, there’s a proper kitchen, and a chef comes in and cooks them a proper meal every day.

They’re getting the doors replaced at the moment and they wanted secure doors, that looked good too. I put Dad onto Yale Doors. They look like any other house door – well, better than most, but they’re really well insulated, and tougher than anything you might normally come across. That means they’re great for security, without looking like big ugly security doors.

This place has agreed to buy the old doors from us too – salvage yard. And I will have the funds that the sale makes!

If I could only get a commission for everything I have sourced for Dad then I’d have a reasonable income!

I’m on a mission to improve my relationship with the old man. It’s the only thing I have committed to as a resolution. And I think it’s good for both of us. It’s Mum’s doing, we had a bit of a heart to heart over Christmas and I was quite amazed when she explained that he was quite upset that we didn’t get on. I thought he just considered me a waste of space

Anyway, this door thing has sort of resulted from that resolution – I asked him how I might be able to help him, and pretty much straight away he said about the office, a few improvements, and in particular the doors.

Let’s hope this new spirit of detante lasts!

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