Learning about kids.

I don’t have any friends with kids yet.

I don’t have any younger brothers or sisters.

I don’t really understand children at all.

So imagine the shock when a couple of the folks’ best mates unceremoniously dumped their kids on me.

What on earth were they thinking of?

Fortunately the were completely lovely kids, boy 11, girl 9. Quiet, excited, interested, and interesting.

We drove out to the beach, them strapped in the back of the car asking questions all the way.

“Lee, why don’t you listen to music in the car?”

“Lee, do you have a dog?”

“Lee, what kind of dog do you want to have when you grow up?”

“Lee this, Lee that” All the morning.

We walked the length of Formby, and even I was knackered, and then they slept the whole way home.

Well, if that’s all there is to it then I guess it’s not so bad really.


Of course though these are grown up already. Bright kids. Well dragged up. No answering back. No grief. Not sick in the car.

You know what? I might just get a dog!

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