Knackered for days.

The drive to Glasgow with the peeps from the hotels was great. Good money, and no strain, I was well fed and watered, but blimey, driving that far in a day is too much.

From Manchester via all the pick ups to Glasgow was 350 miles, so a seven hundred mile round trip.

Plus lots of hours just waiting around which is somehow tiring too.

Yesterday I was completely wiped out, I even avoided the calls from Charlie to go to the Beagle last night, and I don’t feel great today either, but I’m due at Dad’s place this lunch time, don’t know what for yet though.

Ah the Beagle – hopefully we’ll all go there tomorrow for a bit of a session. There’s this chocolate stout that they’re doing at the moment that is just great. You can’t drink a lot of it, but those first couple of pints are good. After that you need a sharp IPA or something to cut through the gooiness.

For now though I’m just going to mooch around the house until it’s time to nip over to the office.

And sleep.

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