iPhone music apps

I have noticed with increasing fascination that iPhones are incredibly versatile things.  A few of my friends are musical types and they utilise the vast array of apps available to great effect.  Although I don’t have these apps myself (most of my phone memory has been used for games) my mates have turned their iPhones into digital sound banks with sampling software, recording and production software, and a variety of sound emulators and amplifier simulators with loads of features.

Rock out

I also see from their setup that it is possible to plug a guitar into an iPhone.  By getting a double ended 3.5 mm lead and connecting a jack lead adaptor to one end, you have the potential to use the phone as an amp.  A good app for this purpose is the AmpKit, as well as having a wide array of amp types to run the sound through, a variety of pedals and stomp boxes can also be introduced into the signal path.  There is also a good selection of app upgrades for the AmpKit that keeps the software fresh with new sound tweaks.  My mate has owned a lot of different brands of this kind of thing and he says this is one of the best he has tried.

That is the guitar guys, but not all of my friends use traditional instruments to create their sound.  Some make use of a synthesizer/sound production app called Synthstation.  This is a magic bit of kit and many aspects of professional sound production can be gleaned from this software.  The keys on the synth and the many sound settings enable the melody or tune to be written, a drum pad enables the programming of beats, and the mixing desk enables full control when mastering recordings.  This is an easy to use, simple to navigate and highly fun app.


I have noticed that some musical purists are very wary of any product that has contributed to the slow demise of hard copy sales by the music industry.  Any product that can be downloaded instead of bought from a shop has changed the game significantly over the past five years.  The truth is that things are evolving, and artists and musicians alike now have more information and resources at their fingertip than ever before.  Musical purists argue that many music making apps are nothing more than toys.  I wholeheartedly agree with that statement, and would also like to add that toys can be educational as well as a lot of fun.

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