Installing a new bathroom

The time has come for me to start remodelling my parent’s home.  This is a project that’s been in the back of my parents mind now for many years, but apparently now is the right time and they have asked me to help. We decided to start with the bathroom.  Installing a new bathroom can be more complicated than other parts of a home, but can provide a great starting point.  Our bathroom is fairly small, so I figured it’ll be good practice.  This way I won’t have to start off with one of the larger areas, such as the kitchen. My parents and I decided to use a company called Aqata for our bathroom.  Out of all of the companies that we checked out, we found Aqata to have the largest selection of quality materials on the market.  One of the best things about them is that many of their designs are very unique and innovative.  We managed to choose a new bathroom that we all like, which was a shock!  It will be specific to our home and will be fitted around the contours of the room.  We also decided to go for an easy clean glass on my shower, which means we – well, my mum – won’t need to wash it with any abrasive cleaning products.  Everything will be fitted with chrome to ensure that it shines and gets a really polished look (that was my idea). The whole process has been very easy and satisfying.  We found the staff on hand very helpful.  In fact, it’s been refreshing to find a company that can provide such a degree of information (my dad’s words).

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