Inner tubes

I’d been riding every day since I punctured, safe in the knowledge that I had a puncture kit in my back pocket, then this evening I thought I’d make good use of my time and repair the tube that I replaced last week.

Only to find that I didn’t have a spare patch. I’d have been buggered if I had a puncture this week.

I’ve now got the Schwable Marathons on front and back, but still this week that bit of wire got through.

Riding has been fun. Even when the rain has come down I have managed to keep my spirits high. I see myself as leading the peleton, being the guy who is happiest riding in the rain. The tour is on soon so I’ll have plenty of mental images of great riders to help me encourage myself on.

I’m also hoping to get to stay with friends of my folks in Ripon to see the stages in Yorkshire. Wow, imagine the real Tour coming to England. Apparently there are yellow bikes all over the place there, and one of the hotels in Harrogate has had all the old biddies in the town, and some youngsters too, knitting fiendishly creating little jerseys in yellow, white, polka dot and green for the leaders’ jerseys.

I know yellow is the overall leaders’ jersey.

The polka dot is the king of the mountains.

Green is the points leaders (although I don’t know how that’s worked out.

White is for the rooky.

And to hold any of them for just a single day is enough to satisfy most would be racers, but often the best in the race will hold on to his jersey for much of the race – it’s more exciting when it changes regularly though.

I bet they don’t worry too much about puncture kits! I bet the team does worry a lot about punctures though, and amazingly quick changes of bike when it does happen. Bring on Le Tour!

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