The good lady and me were in Homesense this afternoon after work and as is usual she had me carrying around a load of bits and pieces that she wanted. I’ll grant you that the girl has an eye for a bargain, there’s no denying that. I look at the shop and see a sea of tat and crap that I wouldn’t wish upon a neighbour, and yet she picks out stuff that looks great and is individual rather than having that tell tale shine of made in China about it.

This time we spent about £200 on stuff that we never knew we needed, i.e. stuff that we have no need for whatsoever, but we will have a momentary sense of fulfilment having bought it, whereupon it will fade into the background morass that is our modest house. I was moaning about this eventuality on the  way home when the canny lass turned my despair into yet another opportunity to spend money.

She announces that she heard a friend saying how  “ delivered my wardrobe doors quickly” and creating a sliding door cupboard across the alcove where there was once a tiny box room long before we bought the house would free up an enormous amount of storage space.

The most annoying thing about this is that the idea is a stroke of genius. A double doored wardrobe / cupboard will be perfect for the space, if there was a decent mirrored band across it then that will help open out the corridor a bit and make it feel more airy, and we’ll be able to hide a mountain of crap in there.

My concession to this was that I be allowed to decide what goes into it and that we take a huge amount of stuff to Oxfam. She wanted to say let’s put it on eBay, but i know that would result in shit just hanging around waiting for buyers who may never emerge.

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