Heading north for Le Grand Depart

It’s not often that I look forward to doing stuff with Dad.

Twelve months ago we were in a bad state between us, and I can see now that I was causing them problems, mum being upset because I upset him, and upset because he upset me. She is the strong link as she’s my rock and probably his too.

We have made an effort, it would have been easy to have written “we have made more of an effort”, in fact I did that at first, but fact is I was finding reasons to antagonise him, and looking back I don’t blame him for being pissed off at me all the time. Things started to get better when I did some work for him. Probably because the clients I was driving around took a liking to me and he started to see that I could be an asset.

Anyway, all that I hope is water under some proverbial old person’s bridge as we are getting on better these days, and sometimes well.

All that good stuff aside, I was still surprised and quite delighted when he suggested that we go up to see the tour on the first stage. It isn’t just about family relations, dad has to go and see Stuart, one of his clients and he’s based in Ripon, but he has decided to make the meeting on Friday. We’ll stay over in Boroughbridge where another client of dad’s has a hotel.

The most important bit though is the race. We might head out to Buttertubs, but that will probably be super crowded. So we may head for Harrogate instead.

Thanks to “Carter’s Country” for this lovely image of Buttertubs – imaging this with cyclists and people swarming all over it!


No matter where we go I shall be in the deli later telling Diane of our big plan, I hope she likes cycling, after all she’s French, she must do.

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