A Guest Blog – from Dad!

What’s all this blogging stuff about then?

The boy asked me to write about what I thought of the Tour coming to Yorkshire.

It were rest bloody gradely! That’s what I think.

Even though I have loved Le Tour since I first started cycling with the school club in my early teens, the only time I have seen it live was long before that when it came to Plymouth in 1974. I was ten at the time, so I don’t remember too much, but I do remember my old man moaning about the British authorities who apparently treated all the cyclists as we do suspected terrorists these days, subjecting them to stupid amount of checks even though they were all well know.

My cycling hero Eddy Merckx won that year, it might even have been his fifth and so final victory, I can’t actually remember. Until I looked for that link I didn’t even realise he had a site – I’m going to read it now.

The event coming to Yorkshire was a great spectacle, as a Red Rose I find that hard to say, but blow me, it was amazing. The helicopter coverage showed the county off to its very best and will do the north a lot of favours for tourism for the next few years. It will have helped the growing interest in British cycling too.

We stood at the roadside for nearly three hours, and that was a bit boring, despite the fun antics of the motor bike police and the caravan (which was nothing like as good as I was hoping for). But despite that, when those bikes went through at nearly forty miles an hour it was so thrilling. We ere at a double roundabout on a dual carriageway and the guys split around the roundabout like mercury, coming together beautifully on the other side and heading up the hill towards the finish in Harrogate and Cav’s disastrous fall. I like the guy, he takes risks, big risks, from watching it he over did it yesterday, and he probably deserves a reprimand, but I loved it all the same.

We didn’t take any pics, but we were just beyond this point…


Thanks Lee – I hope this fits the bill for you.


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