What is Green?

I was just reading a post on the Best Western blog site about being green in hotels.

In actual fact I was looking for this post which features a mate’s dog: http://www.bestwestern.co.uk/blog/uncategorized/lifes-a-beach-if-youre-a-dog, but I was drawn to the green post.

It set me off thinning whether a hotel can ever hope to be truly green. After all they have to wash everything that is touched by a guest when that guest leaves, whether the person has used it or not, and whether they have slept in the sheets, dried in the towel, or whatever once, or just a few times. Even my mum who is obsessed with household cleanliness only washes our bedding every week.

Then there’s the fact that the rooms are heated whether there is someone in them or not (and in the case of the Travelodge that I most often stay in when I’m out and about, whenever you get there the lights are on in the rooms too.

All that said that is not a reason why hotels should give up trying.

Even if stuff like excessive washing is inevitable, cutting down makes an improvement. Turning lights off is the easiest thing to do. And maybe just accept that guests will arrive to a cold room – if the heating system is good it won’t take long to get something up to temperature anyway.

Green cars are an interesting topic too – I think I’ll save them for another day. It’s a whole subject and worth consideration and study.

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