Go Lego

Most kids, male and female, are aware of Lego. I used to love the stuff when I was a child. I think it is highly commendable that Lego has managed to stay phenomenally successful through the age of the digital revolution.

Many other parts of the toy industry have suffered, but Lego has stayed strong. The internet has changed the world for the music industry and the publishing industry, among countless other markets, so staying afloat in any business has been difficult.

Lego made some computer games that placed it firmly in the cool toy category, too.  My six-year-old nephew absolutely loves them and I bought him the latest for Christmas, which is called Lego Batman 2.

A man and a bat at the same time

Okay, so Lego is already ridiculously cool and therefore doesn’t need much help, but Batman will never get thrown off the doorstep; in fact, there are loads of DC Comic heroes and heroines in this game. Even the baddies are cool.

Batman and Robin are the obvious ones, but Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman are also present. For me the bad guys are still much cooler, and the likes of Joker, Riddler, Harley Quinn and Catwoman are part of a blinding cast of super legends.

Many heroes of the screen have been given the Lego treatment, including Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean. That wizard-like rapscallion that goes by the name of Harry Potter has also had the Lego makeover.

Lego just seems to know how to get it right, so hats off to one of my favourite childhood toys for continuing the Lego legacy with such admirable aplomb.

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