Get your coat

I don’t know if this is just me, maybe I am a bit old-fashioned, but when it is freezing cold outside and I can see my own breath I like to make sure that I am fully clothed.  The reason I say this is because I went out for a few beers in town the other Friday night and it was so cold it felt like walking round Antarctica.  The weird thing was that many people did not even register the intense cold, and some women were dressed to kill, but unfortunately to kill themselves with the onset of pneumonia.

It wasn’t just the ladies who were impervious to the icy weather; a favoured trend for men in town at the moment appears to be tight fitting white t-shirts that show off the muscular definition of the male. This is all fine and dandy, but haven’t these people heard of man-flu?  It is all very well looking good, but it doesn’t look good when snot is dribbling down your lip and the head is pounding from a combined bout of man flu and a hangover.

Fear of coats

The smokers are also quite amusing.  They have to go outside the bars at regular intervals to get their nicotine fix, and they stand shivering as if they are taking a military endurance test designed to gauge their resistance against sub-zero temperatures.

I think there might even be a hidden market in selling coats on street corners during the weekend madness.

Do not fear the coat, befriend the coat.  A good coat is smart and warm and will make you feel the same way.  Is fashion more important than a person’s general well-being?  Some people, possibly including the reputable fashion fettler Lady Gaga, would agree that looking good takes precedence over many things, including the weather.  I say coats and hats are also fashionable, and are undeniably practical on a cold day.  The diehard party animals that wear minimal clothing when out in freezing weather are the ones who will be laid in bed with a cold on Saturday night, just about the time that I am putting my coat on to go and enjoy another pint in town!

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