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Study woes

Recently a cousin of mine was studying for exams at school and was finding it a real struggle.  It seems today that more and more is expected of kids when it comes to writing essays, and the more that teachers want, the less guidance they seem to give.  This is where a site such as Marked by Teachers comes in.

When I was struggling with a subject some time ago, I got help with my coursework with the aid of this comprehensive and well-run resource.  The site has essays on it that are marked by teachers, and marked by peers, so there are plenty to choose from.  Setting up the account is not difficult and users can get started right away.

I found it very helpful to read essays on similar subjects by others in a situation comparable to mine.  I got lots of hints and tips, and, as a result, I was able to iron out a few issues in my own work and get better marks for it.  The chance to interact with other site users is invaluable because it really does help to discuss issues, particularly for someone who is perhaps doing a distance learning option and isn’t getting the opportunity to spend time with fellow students.

The ethics of the site also appealed strongly to me.  I’ve never liked the idea of students being able to download the work of others and pass it off as their own.  This site places more emphasis on learning from what is there.

Data Label

Searching on the internet recently for printed labels to address job applications I am sending out, I came across the website  Data Label is a dedicated label maker based in the UK that has been in business for more than 25 years.  I think that a company that has been on the go for so long is something that is reassuring for customers.

I was looking for printed labels supplied by Data Label but a quick look on the website shows the huge range of different labels on offer.  Asset labels and asset tags are a great option for those who want to mark their valuable items, such as computers or other electronic equipment.

Security conscious organisations will want to look at security labels, which indicate when someone has tampered with the label in question.

Barcode labels are another great option for businesses, whether they want to track products or want to attach a barcode to a product for retail purposes.  Self-adhesive labels and vinyl stickers are also available from the website.

I think that using custom labels are a great option for a company that wants to make its name stand out in the marketplace.  A custom label with a bright company logo is a visible reminder to customers of the company from which they bought a product.  Data Label will work with customers to meet their exact needs.  A customer looking for graphic design on their labels will be interested, I’m sure, to read that Data Label have an in-house artwork studio equipped with the latest in graphic design technology.

Data Label will work on both simple and complex designs and can even come up with designs on the basis of verbal information only.

Onwards with Lego

Portrait photo of brightly coloured plastic building blocks.I have written previously about Lego, how fond of it I was as a child and how I bought my nephew a Lego Batman computer game last Christmas.  Not content with being an old-fashioned toy, Lego has embraced the digital age and ensured that it has stayed successful.

Now I read that a full-scale Lego animated movie is in the making, with a cinema release planned for 2014.  I can only imagine how much that type of exposure will benefit Lego, especially if The Lego Movie (that is what it’s called) is a success.  Lego has been making DVDs featuring Lego-type characters for some time now, but a movie with a cinema release is on another level entirely.

When I saw the cast members who will be doing the voices for the Lego movie, I thought that the toys that I played with as a boy have really come a long way.  Hollywood giants Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman are all involved.  The storyline, from what I can make out, will involve an ordinary Lego figure being mistaken for a Master Builder and being asked to join a quest to prevent an evil Lego tyrant from trying to glue the universe together.  Okay, I accept that this will not be one for the movie snobs out there to get excited about, but it sounds like it will be a lot of fun and I’m all for something that promotes a toy that gave me hours and hours of fun when I was a child.  Who knows, I may even sneak along to the cinema when the Lego movie is released.  Perhaps I can use taking my nephew to see it as an excuse.  He loves his Lego Batman game and I presume he’ll want to see a Lego movie.

Overall, I think it is great to see how Lego has reinvented itself for the modern age, while other toys that were phenomenally successful years ago have fallen by the wayside.  It just goes to show that you cannot take things for granted, and life will not always be rosy because new challenges are always around the corner.


HitchhickingSince I became unemployed, I’m constantly thinking of ways to save money, even in a general sense and not just specific to my own circumstances.  That got me thinking the other day about what ever happened to hitchhiking?  I suppose safety is the biggest reason why there are so few hitchhikers anymore.  People just do not want to put themselves at any level of risk.  I reckon another factor is that a lot more people seem to have their own cars compared to when my parents were younger, for instance.  Buses and trains are plentiful also, and budget-priced coaches between major towns have become the norm.

I have no doubt, however, that there are a few souls out there who continue to stick their thumb up at the side of the road, hoping that the generosity of a passing driver will bring them to where they want to go.  I think there’s something romantic about it in a way, standing at the side of the road unsure of when you’ll get to your destination.  Having nice weather would help of course.  But the opportunity to meet people and engage, hopefully, in conversation with whoever is providing the lift does appeal.  I imagine that anyone who does give a hitchhiker a lift would be the friendly type to begin with.

I wonder how far I could actually get by hitchhiking, starting out from home with a rucksack on my back?  You hear these tales of great adventures, of people hitching all the way across Europe and even further afield.  I’d be more modest in my ambitions but now that I have thought about it, hitchhiking would certainly cut down on the cost of a holiday.  I know though, and I’m sure experienced hitchhikers would agree, that if I were to hitchhike somewhere, I would have to be prepared to walk at least some of the distance before a car pulled over.  So I reckon for now I’ll continue with this fitness regime I have been on, just in case.

Storage services Nuneaton

I was thinking the other day about what happens when a house or flat becomes too cluttered or a business requires additional space for its files, for example, and it came to me that self-storage is the ideal solution.

I had a browse of the internet and found that for storage Nuneaton services, Extra Room Self Storage will provide the solutions a client might be looking for.

Extra Room Self Storage is based in a temperature and humidity controlled facility with a convenient location, next to the A5 and A444.  I think a great option provided by the company is that they have units of different sizes, so customers have to pay only for the storage space that they require.

I know that security is something that I would think about if I was going to use a storage solutions provider, but with Extra Room Self Storage I wouldn’t have those concerns because the facility it operates from is protected by CCTV.  The storage units are all private, and customers are provided with their own key for access.  Another thing to think about is how to avoid damage to the goods I want to store and at Extra Room Self Storage, customers can load and unload indoors, free of any worries about what the weather might do.

A customer might not have all that they require in order to move their goods, but the company will provide packaging materials and storage boxes if they are needed.  Extra Room Self Storage can even help with van hire if that is what the customer needs.  That level of customer service is something I would certainly appreciate.

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