Gearing up for St Patrick’s Day

800-parade-flagsLast year the glory, fun, and stupidity of St Patrick’s Day rather passed us by. We were all sat boozing in The Font on Upper Chorlton Road and wondering why so many idiots were wearing great tall green hats and it was only the next day that we realised we’d missed the most important event of the drinking man’s calendar. Not that we really cared, we had a great time anyway.

This year we’ll be a whole lot more sorted. We’re going to catch the action across as many nights as we can. Having got my act together and had a look I can now see that Manchester goes for it big time with a proper Irish Festival that has already started back on the 7th and goes right through to the 17th – that’s a lot of Guinness in demand!

I’m going to buy a one week tram pass so that I can come and go as I please. I just need to be more careful over falling asleep that I have been in the past, it used to finish at St Werberg’s Road, but now it carries on all the way to East Didsbury. Being woken up there by the guard would be rubbish, you’d have to wait for a bus I guess.

While I think about it – I have an interview with the Coop for the driving job. I don’t know why I have to be interviewed to see if I can drive or not, but anyway, that’s tomorrow morning so I’ve read through my CV to make sure I know what I have written down, and I’ve rehearsed the way I’ll tell the story of driving for Jon and how I’ll make that sound a bit more legitimate.

I’m actually hoping I get it now.


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