A Garden Bridge For London

Do you like this:

14-bridgev2I saw it in the Independent today and thought that it looked really cool. I completely love London and would live there if I had a great job. I love the big parks that mean you can take time out from the madness now and then and just crash out listening to the birds, and so the idea of a bridge that is one long span of beautiful garden sounds wonderful.

I don’t understand what Joanna Lumley has to do with it, it’s not as if she’s an architect or anything is it? But I guess that if it means it is more likely to get built because it has someone famous backing it, then grand, let it be.

All my friends (well, all two of them) live in the north of the town, and I have only ever been across the millennium bridge once, but it still felt exciting to walk to the other side.

I did it through the tunnel once too, it comes out somewhere near Greenwich, and I remember we went to a good Sunday market on the south side, but I didn’t much like the tunnel. I didn’t like the thought of all that water over head.

Dad always curses the place when he has to go “up to town” as he calls it, but I guess that’s because he’s working. If I have a driving job down there I find that scary, but only because I’m usually driving some stupidly expensive car for Jon. And all that congestion zone shit makes it harder too.

Up the garden bridge. The Inspector approves!

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