Finding me-time

I really do need to start finding more me-time. No, I’m not being selfish or overindulgent, but me-time is as important to me as it is to anyone else.

I’d better explain what me-time is. It is about taking a few minutes out each day and thinking about how things are at that particular point in time. Me-time is not meant to be used as a bout of self-criticism; we’ve all spent time beating ourselves up and what good did that do any of us? Instead, me-time should be used to help us mentally plan any necessary changes or alterations in our lives over the next few hours. Me-time is also a great way to help you plan your day.

Not many of us ever have any proper me-time. People have jobs, or if they don’t have jobs then they have to plan their job search strategy, especially if they want to keep their benefits. They may have families, young children or someone to care for; these responsibilities stop people having time for themselves.

Some people live on their own and may rarely see anyone else. If you are in this position, don’t think for one minute that you have round-the-clock me-time. You can be on your own on an island surrounded by an ocean, or in a big city among a million people, but me-time is still the same. It means switching off to the outside world and thinking things over in a positive manner. Why not try it?

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