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Yesterday was another job with the film crew people.

They rang up because their driver who works there all the time was poorly and they needed someone to collect clients form the airport.


I had to pick up the big wagon I wrote about before from their studios, that was OK as I just rode my bike down there, and then I had to go to the airport to collect the client.

I felt a bit nobby doing that as I had to do the thing of standing there with all the drivers carrying a big card with Mr Client written on it. If the silly boogers had told me it was the people we worked with when we filmed the deer I wouldn’t have had to have the sign as I know them, but hey that doesn’t matter.

I had to get them breakfast if they wanted it, and also as a way of stalling them a bit, so we went to Beech Road in Chorlton to a place called Chorlton GB. I had amazing coffee while the client fellow (can’t tell you his name, although obviously I know his name) had eggs benedict – I wished so much that I had ordered that as well. We just sat and bantered about stuff like TV and work (and my lack of it). He seemed a top guy.

Them at the production company I just did little jobs that they call runs for a few hours while Mr Client sat through the editing process for his ads.

At four I took him back for his six o’clock flight, I bobbed the truck back to Salford and rode home – £200 better off. That’s OK isn’t it?

From Feeding Deer to The Shining

The great thing with working with film people, ever those who make advertising, is that they are all obsessed with film.

Making ads is OK too though as even Ridley Scott made a lot of ads, apparently funding the film work with his commercial side to the business.

The guys talk film all the time and get really excited over the tiny detail that you probably miss when you’re watching something in the cinema, and especially if yo end up watching the film on the TV at home, the screen’s too small and it’s too easy to just nip out and have a pee, or go to the fridge. For me that’s why cinema rocks.

We were talking about scary film moments, and it seemed that everyone loved to be scared by Jack Nicholson in The Shining. I looked it up when we were sitting in the bar and found that Here’s Johnny is one of the iconic cinema door moments.

The Rotten Tomatoes site still rates The Shining as a four and a half stars even though it’s now nearly 35 years old – a heck of a lot older than me! I was trying to think when I first watched it – I was probably 15 or so. It’s one of dad’s favourites and so I’m sure I’d have seen it young, despite the protestations of mum.

As an aside, and a very different film – it’s sweet that young Macauly Culkin in Home Alone got third place for the first Home Alone – that was more my scene at that time. In fact, I’m a bit scared by The Shining so maybe Home Alone could be my favourite? I know. It doesn’t compare really does it. Sorry. But here he is…