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Officially a driver!

Hey it’s not just odd slightly jobs any more.

Your man Mr Lee Morse, aka The Inspector, is going to take it all above board.

I have been taken on by The Co-operative (not allowed to call it the coop or co-op) as a trainee driver.

That’s actually a whole lot cooler feeling than I ever imagined.

I have a load of hoops to jump through, but as soon as I start jumping I’ll get paid.

I was nervous about the idea of being an interim shift driver, but it turns out that that’s how it starts anyway, and you have to work up to going full time. I have a theory test next week, there’ll be several of us sitting it at once, and then I have to go through driver training, but also I have to learn about their brand too.

It’s about about being more ethical, and Fairtrade and all that kind of stuff which I never knew, I thought it was just the shop on the corner that all my mate sussed to hang out outside of when we were kids.

You don’t get paid much to start with, and when I look at the couple of hundred a day I can make delivering for Jon it looks a bit crap, but I will have a regular job, and I asked if I can do other stuff and apparently so long as I do my own tax return (anyone know what that is?) then it’s up to me. So I’m thinking a couple of deliveries fro my man, a few bits and pieces for the old man, and I could be on to a good think here.

Watch this space people.

Largeing it for Cornwall

On Saturday I was down in Truro, the only sort of city in Cornwall, and it had gone quite mad there.

It turns out that today, 5th of March, is St Piran’s Day, their saint’s day, and they go to town celebrating it on the Saturday before.

In honour of their saint I stopped off for a pasty, and would have liked to have had a few pints of local ale too, but as ever I was on a job and although it was a drop off and I was going to hitch hike back up north, I didn’t want to be getting into someone’s car and scaring them with stinking beer breath.

I had to deliver the smartest car I have ever driven to date, it’s a Porsche 911 with a GT2 in jet black. It was amazing, but scary too as I have never felt the weight of responsibility so heavy on my shoulders, while most of me wanted to stamp my foot to the floor, I actually remained very steady and didn’t break any speed limits (though I did get up to the limit rather quickly at times).


I had to deliver it to a place called Richard’s Specialist Cars. The guy, Richard, seemed like a decent fellow, but he did have some bloody awful little dogs in his office, he dropped me down into town and offered to take me to the station, but I couldn’t admit that I was going to thumb it home.

Right now I’m sitting in Gordano Services having got here on one ride after another drop off in the west country, Plymouth this morning. A quick sandwich and coffee in Starbucks and I’ll get back to the entrance and hope to get north soon. It’s not even mid day yet. Sometimes it’s easy!

Two trips to Glasgow

Off to Glasgow twice this month.

First trip to to check out a venue for a hotel’s conference.

Lovely job, all I had to do was hire a nice big people carrier – I got this Hyundai

People moverIt’s not exactly luxurious, but it does seat eight and is ok to drive.

The clients just needed to be all together for the journey so they could have all sorts of conversations, but without worrying about being overheard as they might be if they were on the train. Then they wanted a few drinks up in Glasgow before they came home.

That’s just about perfect for me. £300 paid in cash. Food and drink supplied by me but chargeable. And they were a decent bunch.

I had to sign a confidentiality agreement up front, but in actual fact i soon tuned out of their conversation and drove in my own little world.

I picked them all up around different parts of Yorkshire. The nice bit of Dewsbury first – I didn’t know there was a nice part before, I just thought it was where terrorists were trained. York next, then Thirsk.

The boss suggested that there might be more jobs if I was interested, and you can be sure i am.

Glasgow would have been hell without sat nat. We went to the Kelvinside Centre, Science Centre, a nice hotel called the Grand right by the main station, and another further out by the airport.

I’d go for the Grand any day. Everything is right on the door step and it looks a fab hotel. Nothing to do with me though of course.

And as for their couple of drinks – they got legless in a Brazilian steak house, and I bought them tininess for the journey home. I didn’t care, and the boss tipped me £50 when we dropped him off.




Because I really like the idea, and the job, of driving I just love the word Drive.

I’ve known there was a film called that for ages, but I had never seen it.

Now I have.


It’s not a light film.

Most of the time it’s slow, especially given its title, and the fact that it’s about a get away driver come racing driver character.

The violence is grim, truly horrible grim. And I really don’t like violence in films, so I’m glad that there wasn’t much of it.

If I could possibly block that out then I’d say it is a truly cool film. Wonderfully well made. And a good soundtrack too.

Ryan Gosling is the main man.


He looks kinda sweet and innocent in this poster. He’s not!

He’s a loner, works as a mechanic, stunt driver for the film industry, and then does some getaway driving to pull in the cash.

Actually, although I still feel a bit sick from a particular killing in the film, I’d like to watch it again just to catch some of the bits I may not have absorbed well enough.

I watched it on the huge TV Dad bought himself for Christmas. It doesn’t have separate speakers as Dad isn’t keen on too much gadgetry, but it does have great sound, and a big screen. It was the first thing I’ve hired on iTunes – so blinking easy I can’t believe I haven’t done it before.

And somehow searching for the film and listening to music in other films and the way that the internet takes you to different places I ended up downloading some wicked tunes too. My main man in rap in definitely Eminem, despite liking individual tracks from JayZ I can’t do a whole album, but last night I was listening to BustaRhymes. Wow! Gotta get it burnt onto a disc and have it as my driving track – of yes!

Newcastle in a Moggy!

Newcastle Run.

Got a deliver job to do.

Gorgeous old car.

Nothing fast, but as old as Dad!

It’s a little Morris 1000.

Apparently it’s also the first car the folks had when they got together.

But this one’s a pick-up truck.

It looks so damn cool! It’s an original blue, but in serious custom car metal flake. It fact at a glance it looks pretty normal, but in fact there’s nothing normal about this.

It has a 1350 engine from a Fiat, but they have put the original size exhaust on so that it sounds the same – except there are two exhausts!

The different engine means that it doesn’t do the funny blow back farting thing that the original would have done, but so what.

The brakes are from a Mondeo ,with a decent servo on them, which means it’s actually possible to stop this as opposed to the normal car which is scary.

In fact the only thing I don’t like about this is that I’m a bit too tall for a fixed seat – I’d like to sit further back, but it’s already up against the rear bulkhead.

I’m setting off in the morning and catching the train back (well I might hitch hike, let’s see what the weather is like) I have to clean it thoroughly before I get to the buyer’s house, so I’m hoping it’s not going to rain. I’ve spent this afternoon polishing every inch of it and so I’d be gutted if it rains.

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