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Do-It-Yourself: Why when your son can do it!

My parents seems to be getting a bit old and boring these days, but not every one can afford to hire expensive designers to redesign parts of their home. I have watched enough Changing Rooms and DIY SOS to know my Cutting in from my Floral decoration so I think I’m thinking about offering to spruce up Mum and Dads with my new found Skills as a thank you for having me back!


Well I am skint so I will have to enter negotiations on budget.  Mum and Dads lounge is about 4m by 3m so smallish.  I reckon £300 and I can do a half decent job.  Paint is not cheap these days especially if you go for one of these Eggshell based Posh Brands like Farrow and Ball.


I have two problems I need to start pretty sharpish and the World Darts has just come on Sky again.  This presents two problems.  Dad won’t move from his chair and the Tele cant come off the wall.  If I start everyday at 8.30 I can have everything back to a liveable standard by 5.45 when my old man will plonk himself down.

The Scheme

Well I am leaning towards a shade of elephant’s leg with a hint of rosemary blush on the woodwork.  Yes you have finally rumbled me this is a sarcasm piece.  Basically Dad has told me to get off my A** and paint the lounge to pay for my keep.  I’ve been lumped with a tin of aged Magnolia and some brilliant white gloss.  Wish me luck.

Helping my dad fit a new bathroom this weekend

We’ve just had a delivery! My parent’s new bathroom suite just got delivered by UK Bathrooms. The kind delivery guy helped my put the suite in the garage, as me and my dad haven’t got round to getting the old bathroom suite yet.

The bathroom suite is wrapped in cellophane at the moment so I can’t get a good look at it, but I have seen pictures of it on the internet and it looks good. The skip is due sometime this afternoon and when my dad gets home we’ll survey the situation and see if there is enough time to do any of the removing today.

If not, we will hope to get the bathroom back up and running over sometime on Saturday. Luckily my dad is a plumber, so if any pipes need moving he’ll be able to do it. I’m just there to provide some muscle and I mean some, and I can’t wait to get rid of the peach suite that is currently in there.

Pretty much most of my parents’ house will be finished after the new bathroom suite and the last remnants of the previous owner will be gone.

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