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Building new wardrobes

I love it when I’m talking to friends about their work. Most of them go to the same office every day, move similar pieces of paper around, get told off for the same things and probably have the same arguments and discussions.

Day in day out.

The good thing is that they have security.

They know they are going to be paid every week/month.

They know who they’ll be working with.

And I have to admit that most of them quite enjoy what they do, even though they complain about it.

My life is completely different to that.

Often I don’t have money – that is the absolute worse bit.

But the rest seems positive.

I have a crazy variety of jobs that mean I can turn my hand to all sorts of things – but yes, I know the argument, and I agree with it. I’m master of very little.

This weekend I’m going to be working with one of the other drivers who do some work for Jon.

We’re not delivering cars though – we’re fitting wardrobes with sliding doors!

This is good work because you can make a huge difference to people’s storage issues, you make their room look lovely, and it is so easy. I’ve done this before, and provided everything has been measured properly it should take a few hours, and even then most of your time is spent getting the shelving in.

Look at these beauties: Jon hasn’t gone for orange, that’s a shame – I like orange, his are green with a mirrored strip through the middle. The options are only limited by your imagination.


We’ll fit runners to the floor and the ceiling first. The great thing about these wardrobes is that the doors are the full room height – if you have one or more doors fully mirrored then you can make the room seem a whole lot bigger while solving storage problems too.

Ha! Listen to me suddenly sounding like some sort of interior designer. I mean it though, I was dead chuffed the first time I did one of these fittings.

What’s next after this? Well, I don’t know yet, but I’m sure there’ll be something.

Slidewardrobes? Ordered!

On Friday night we were debating the piles of unused wonderful essential purchase that Debbie so loving loads our house with, and that resulted in the introduction of slidewardrobes to our lives.

By Saturday morning she’d been on the website, ordered the ones she wanted, and put Thursday afternoon in my diary to take delivery.

Now the pressure is on! The Inspector is not a man of extreme DIY skills.

I can just about put a shelf up, so long as nothing heavier than a hat is placed upon it.

I exaggerate, but you get the feeling. I don’t love DIY, in fact I’d always rather pay someone who is very good to come and do the job properly, than sweat over it myself. It’s annoying as i completely understand the principle of how things work, why some surfaces are good to screw into and some aren’t and all that stuff, yet, no matter how much effort I put into a job, I know the results of my labour will be so distinctly mediocre that it would have been better that I didn’t start.


This is the sort of thing that we’re getting. The ones Debbie ordered should be the exact height of the floor to ceiling space, less a few millimetres for the running gear.

It surprises me that they are always pictured in bedrooms. I think they should help their customers to broaden their imaginations and consider the uses elsewhere in the home, after all, there’s only ever a couple of bedrooms yo can put a wardrobe into, but there is bound to be a few other rooms where they could go if only you called them sliding door storage instead.

Probably a good job I don’t work there then – I’d be changing everything.


The good lady and me were in Homesense this afternoon after work and as is usual she had me carrying around a load of bits and pieces that she wanted. I’ll grant you that the girl has an eye for a bargain, there’s no denying that. I look at the shop and see a sea of tat and crap that I wouldn’t wish upon a neighbour, and yet she picks out stuff that looks great and is individual rather than having that tell tale shine of made in China about it.

This time we spent about £200 on stuff that we never knew we needed, i.e. stuff that we have no need for whatsoever, but we will have a momentary sense of fulfilment having bought it, whereupon it will fade into the background morass that is our modest house. I was moaning about this eventuality on the  way home when the canny lass turned my despair into yet another opportunity to spend money.

She announces that she heard a friend saying how  “ delivered my wardrobe doors quickly” and creating a sliding door cupboard across the alcove where there was once a tiny box room long before we bought the house would free up an enormous amount of storage space.

The most annoying thing about this is that the idea is a stroke of genius. A double doored wardrobe / cupboard will be perfect for the space, if there was a decent mirrored band across it then that will help open out the corridor a bit and make it feel more airy, and we’ll be able to hide a mountain of crap in there.

My concession to this was that I be allowed to decide what goes into it and that we take a huge amount of stuff to Oxfam. She wanted to say let’s put it on eBay, but i know that would result in shit just hanging around waiting for buyers who may never emerge.

DIY days

I’ve been doing a bit of DIY around the house in recent times, much to the delight of my parents, both of whom seem reluctant to take on the jobs themselves.  There is also the ‘earning your keep’ point and I can’t really argue with that one.  There is a great sense of satisfaction from a job well done (some might argue that well done is overstating things a little), so I haven’t minded doing the work at all.

Painting has taken up, and will continue to take up, a great deal of my time in terms of DIY work.  I’m no expert, but I like to think I have learnt some of the tricks of the trade along the way and I don’t mind sharing them if it helps someone out there.

Make sure to wear old clothes and old shoes before starting on a paint job because the paint will splash.  I imagine some people might think that they do not have to worry about their shoes but, believe me when I say this, paint spots will get that far.

Remove most of the furniture from the room to be painted and any furniture that is left should be moved into the centre of the room and protected with a dustsheet.  In the areas that are being painted, newspaper should be put on the floor to stop paint from getting onto it.

I find that when I am using a paintbrush, a good tip before starting to paint is to rub the paintbrush against the palm of the hand to get rid of any loose bristles.

Have a radio in the room is another handy tip.  Painting a room can be tedious, as much as I enjoy doing it, so a welcome distraction in the form of music is a bonus.

Installing a new bathroom

The time has come for me to start remodelling my parent’s home.  This is a project that’s been in the back of my parents mind now for many years, but apparently now is the right time and they have asked me to help. We decided to start with the bathroom.  Installing a new bathroom can be more complicated than other parts of a home, but can provide a great starting point.  Our bathroom is fairly small, so I figured it’ll be good practice.  This way I won’t have to start off with one of the larger areas, such as the kitchen. My parents and I decided to use a company called Aqata for our bathroom.  Out of all of the companies that we checked out, we found Aqata to have the largest selection of quality materials on the market.  One of the best things about them is that many of their designs are very unique and innovative.  We managed to choose a new bathroom that we all like, which was a shock!  It will be specific to our home and will be fitted around the contours of the room.  We also decided to go for an easy clean glass on my shower, which means we – well, my mum – won’t need to wash it with any abrasive cleaning products.  Everything will be fitted with chrome to ensure that it shines and gets a really polished look (that was my idea). The whole process has been very easy and satisfying.  We found the staff on hand very helpful.  In fact, it’s been refreshing to find a company that can provide such a degree of information (my dad’s words).

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