A different driving job – film crew

Just as I was expecting a call from The Co-operative to call my in for my first shift I had a completely different offer from an outfit called Chief. They’re a film production company based down in Salford and I have done some driving for them before.

It was a difficult decision. I had the potential of a few days driving with Chief at a good day rate, but the worry was that I might get a call form Coop while I was on the Chief job and have to turn them down.

It was decided on a combination of the pay and the fact that the Chief job would be a whole lot more fun. We were going to do four days in the north east and all I had to do was to drive the mad American day van that they have to shift all their people and lit around in, and hump the kit from the van to where it was needed at any given time. Hardly brain straining, but if you’re out on the road with a good gang of people then that’s the most important thing.

We went to some great places including one just outside Doncaster where they were filming a guy making chocolates. These chocolates were the most beautiful jewel like things you can possibly imagine.

He demonstrated making them for the camera from scratch, and he really does everything there in front of your eyes. While one tray of chocolates goes in the fridge to harden off ready for the next stage of the process he gets on with working on another, and within a couple of hours, although you only see him working on one tray at a time, he suddenly pulls all eight trays out and there are nearly two hundred perfect chocs in front of us.

He made them without gloves on to look better in the demonstration, but he can’t sell those so we were allowed to take them home – mum will be delighted when I get there.

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