COD vs Battlefield

From what I see, there appears to be two camps in the first person shooter world.  You are either a Call of Duty fan, or a Battlefield fan, and never the twain shall meet.  I committed a cardinal sin recently, by trying to sing the praises of both games to a diehard Battlefield player.

His response was along the lines of that I must not be very intelligent if I believed that certain games in the COD series were better than Battlefield.

My games bigger than yours

My response was that I wasn’t saying that COD was better, but that I enjoyed both games, horses for courses and all that.

The debate carried on and the guy misinterpreted and misconstrued more or less everything I said and he even started to get a bit irate.  Then the crunch hit, and the guy (who is a friend of a friend and it is not really worth the effort to type his name) came to the conclusion that the only way he could make me like Battlefield and hate COD was to challenge me to a game on Battlefield.  Presumably so he could pretend he was inflicting the atrocities of war on me in real life, which would prove how right he was – not.

Who cares? 

Ah, good old pretend mindless violence, a sure-fire cure for many ailments – even a different opinion can be whipped into place by an upgraded piece of gameplay artillery.  The guy’s attitude was laughable.

I couldn’t take him up on his offer because, above all, it was really naff.  It felt a bit like handbags at dawn, only using the game pads.  I also still think that both are quality games.

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