The Co-operative Bank.

What the hell is going on at The Co-operative Bank?

I have an emotional bond to this bank. I have many friends who work there.

Because i think that it’s a good bank, one which actually goes out of its way to do a better job.

And yet here we are, hearing day after day just how bent and corrupt its very highest people were.

We have to keep it in perspective. Paul Flowers was paid about £130,000 as chairman. And while that is an obscene amount compared to most normal individuals, it is a mere fraction of the Chief Executive’s pay, in fact it’s probably about the size of the bonus Peter Marks would carry away. But nonetheless he held a very responsible job while living a life of deep and astonishing hypocrisy. Not only was he into hard drugs and having inappropriate content on his laptop, this man was a methodist minister. No exclamation mark is tall enough to be worth putting here.

What makes me most angry is that the people, many of my friends, who work there actually believe in the place, work very hard there to make it a good bank for their much loved customers.

Yet for years this guy utterly took them all, staff and customers, for a ride.

I am closer to genuine disgust than I have experienced in my short life. What a dirty horrible man. In fact I’m going to shave off my Mo in protest, I want no affinity with him.

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