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Glamorous is as glamorous does

Glamour.  Either you’ve got it or you haven’t.  No amount of make-up and beautiful dresses or ties are going to give it to you.  That’s what I think anyway.

I prefer the old jeans and t-shirt thing anyway, although I do scrub up pretty well.  However, Mum says that my sister wants a glamorous dress for Christmas, that she can wear out on New Year’s Eve, and that I’m the one who should get her one.  I think it might just be the dress that’s glamorous, not the person in it, but luckily my opinion doesn’t count for much with my sis anyway!

My mum, being pretty cunning, told me to look at party dresses online and, of course, when I followed her recommendations, I found there were some really good sales, so the dresses were well within my present-buying budget.

That was unfortunately the only easy thing to do.  Choosing the dress was much harder.  I don’t think women realise how hard it can be for a bloke sometimes.

There are plain-coloured dresses, dual-colour frocks, ‘body con’ whatever that is, different length hemlines, some with two or three different length hems on the same dress, frills and plain. The list goes on and on.  Mum said to just get something that I thought I would like on her, but it’s too hard to tell what would look good on her.  I checked the returns policy and she’s got plenty of time to send it back, so I figured what the hell and bought her a reasonably sexy (she’s my sister, you know!) full length one with a slit up the side.

Now it’s cross your fingers time.  Will she like it?  Will it fit?  Watch this space.

Bought myself some new going out clothes

Being a dedicate follower of fashion (or at least I think so), I decided it was about time I treated myself to some new going out clothes, seen as I have my new job and haven’t been out for a while.

I went to the usual websites Topman, Asos, H&M, but didn’t find anything I liked, then I checked out the Republic website and hit the top trump. Republic has a range of brands and I found the perfect pair of Mens G-Star Jeans.

The ones I chose were the G Star Arc Braced Trousers, there’re brown and as the name suggests they have detachable elastic braces. I love the look of these trousers and ordered them straight away. The only thing that I’m warried about is if people in the pub start pulling the braces, but I can always remove them or actually wear them instead of having them dangle down.

What do you think?

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